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Past Results


2018-2019 Season Review

39-24-3 (62%)

+13.4 Units

2017-2018 Season Review


+2.8 Units

2016-2017 Season Review

72-55-3 (57%)

+16 units (48% ROI)


2015-2016 Season Review

70-50-5 (58%)

+17 units (51% ROI)


2014-2015 Season Review

54-49-1 (52.4%)

+6 units (18% ROI)


2013-2014 Season Review

48-38-2 (56%)

+8 units (24% ROI)

I had another solid year hitting 56% of my plays including going on a 19-4 ATS tear mid-season.  It was a season of ups and downs (as usual).  This brings my overall record here at byeweekpicks to 322-223-22 (59%)...unbelievable! 



2012-2013 Season Review

41-31-2 (57%)

+8 units (32% ROI)

What a year!!!  I finished the year 41-31-2 (57%) and +8 units.  This means if you were wagering 5%/unit your return on your investment is over 40% (show me that in the stock market)!  From week 2 through week 12 I was 31-12 (72%).  I would have liked to end the regular season better & hit my Super Bowl play, but variance is a inevitable part of sports wagering, which is why I money management is so important. It was my seventh consecutive winning season.  My overall record for the last 7 years on the website is 274-185-20 (60%).  I saw a few key areas that I can improve on and hope to have an even bigger 2013-14 season!  274-185-20



2011-2012 Season Review

35-25-5 (58%)

+4.4 units (14% ROI)

I had another great year hitting 58% of my plays.  I was 35-25-2, but only +4.4 units because I hit my smaller play but lost a couple larger ones.  Still, you would have gotten a return on 20-25% of your original investment.  I started slow but finished the year on a 11-2-1 tear incliding my sixth consecutive Super Bowl win!  I added strong opinions to my plays this year because there are many games I like, but not strong enough to make a * play.  These games fall into 2 categories: a gut play that I like just from knowing the NFL so well, or a strong trend play but the "eye test" tells me it isn't a * play.  I personally wager 0.5 units on these play, but it is the player's choice.  Another winning year for BWP...see you next season!



2010-2011 Season Review

29-16-2 (64%)

+15.1 Units (45% ROI)

What a year for!!!  I was 29-16-2 (64%) which brought a 60% return on your money.  This was my fifth consecutive winning season and I look to continue it in 2011.  Below is an example of my analysis which will be available each week.



2009-2010 Season Review

37-24-4 (61%)

+16.3 Units (49% ROI)

The season didn't start well as I began 1-7 after week 4, but what a comeback!  Byeweekpicks finished the year at 37-24-4 for a great 61%.  BWP was + 16.3 units on the year meanting that you doubled your bankroll if you wagered 6% per unit..all we did this year was sit back and watch the green grow like the grass wet.



2008-2009 Season Review

39-24-3 (62%)

+16.7 Units (50% ROI)

This was Byeweekpocks best year to date!  Byeweekpicks' final record was 39-24-3 (62%).  I was +16.7 units for the year and if you bet 6% of you bankroll per unit you doubled your money this year!!!  The year was capped by a win on Arizona in the Super Bowl (now 3-0 on Super Bowl picks).  Byeweekpicks has been improving each year and I will continue to work hard in the offseason to perfect my methods.



2007-2008 Season Review       

42-27-2 (61%)                        

+14.7 Units (44% ROI)

This was a great year for Bye Week Picks.  After a very rough start I made a great comeback to have another profitable season.  After week 8 Bye Week Picks was 12-17-1 and -3.2 units.  Since that point I was 30-10-1 to finish the season at 42-27-2 (61%) and +14.7 units.  If you bet 6% of your bank roll each game (like Bye Week Picks) you have gotten a 90% return on your money, nearly doubling your investment in just 21 weeks!  My Super System did very well this year going 41-22 (65%).  To cap off the season I had a winner on the N.Y. Giants plus the points and on the money line.  I hope you enjoyed my analysis and picks and I will work hard on the off season to come back with a bigger 2008 season! 



2006-2007 Season Review                  

51-38-2 (57%)          

4* Best Bets

10-6 (63%)



5* GOY                      




Byeweekpicks entered the Hilton Supercontest in Las Vegas this year.  We had a very profitable year hitting 57% of our picks and going 10-6 (63%) on our best bets.  Our personal regular season record was 31-21-3 (60%), but what makes the Hilton Contest so tough is that you are forced to take five games and you must have a little luck when you are picking two games a week that you don't like (and we just didn't have luck this year).  The postseason was profitable as well, as we went 4-2 including a Top Pick (3*) winner on the Colts in the Super Bowl. It was a great season and we hope you made some money following some of our picks and enjoyed our information.






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